The Story Of Eli Young - Finding Inspiration Through Hard Times

Eli Young is a 27 year old drummer and writer only diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder in the spring of 2017, after years of suffering through misdiagnosis, misunderstanding, and life shattering discouragement. He has experienced death threats, robbery, beatings and humiliation from many quick to take advantage of his great heart, loneliness and desperation.

Through the advocacy of Community Connections In Owen Sound and his father, full Diagnosis finally revealed how extreme the challenges of living that faced Eli were. Upon then losing his last resort residence in Owen Sound, Eli was left homeless, with full diagnosis and recommendations for support in hand. Enter Crisis Bed intervention and Community Living Association of South Simcoe (CLASS) which embraced Eli, provided housing, safety and respect, also reclaiming his hope for life, including music, with the provision of an electronic drum kit.

Although Eli was recording and touring cross country at age 16, played in 5 performing bands, and gained the attention of major industry figures, the lack of proper diagnosis, abandonment by the school system, and life circumstances had left Eli with only a drum pad to practice on for 6 years.

Persisting Eli wrote complex music on computer, practiced on his pad, and now has been invited to perform with mentor Rob Laidlaw on a concert stage. Eli’s story is one of courage to simply continue to live. Now the future his father always believed would be there for him is just beginning to be revealed.

Bands – Phoenix Rises, Of Malice, Prophecy of Plagues, Drowning Beneath the SkyLine, Magna Carta.